1. IRC 280E
    We will teach your company how to accurately keep records and setup a chart of accounts to withstand and IRS audit. We can provide assistance and representation for government inquires and IRS audits and correspondence.
  2. Tax Strategy and Planning
    We can help eliminate sources of credit and reduce taxes and expenses by offering objective and strategic legal solutions. Our expertise and experience as wealth managers give us the ability to provide our clients with customized plans for maximum financial gains. We work directly with our clients to provide wealth planning strategies that are inclusive of asset protection.
  3. Tag and Trace Systems
    Our Firm is a consultant for a full ERP Accounting system with compliant Tag and Trace. This system handles manufacturing, distribution and POS and has been in place for over 40 years. The system we offer is not the hype other companies offer. A better solution based on Microsoft technology that is designed for the Cannabis cultivation environment.
  4. Treasury Regulation 1.471
    We can and provide advice for the setup of your chart of accounts to ensure you are able to deduct the greatest amount of expenses allowed under IRC 280E and Treasury Regulation 1.471.
  5. Federal and State Tax Returns
    We will help you apply for all the tax IDs and forms you need, assist with preparation of Form 8300s and Form 1099s, and prepare your tax returns if requested. We have a yearly flat fee service for the small to medium cultivator to achieve these goals and avoid potential harsh penalties being levied by the IRS
  6. Accounting System Consulting
    Mr. Homayouni has lead teams to install systems at some of the countries most well known companies. From Quickbooks, to Proteus420 to 365Cannabis to Microsoft Dynamics; we have a range of solutions for Cannabis companies.
  7. Full Absorption Capitalization
    We can assist to ensure every deductible expense can be taken and every cost that an be capitalized in accordance with Treasury Regulation 1.471 is identified and recorded
  8. Estate Plannning
    We offer estate planning, asset protection and tax elimination planning. We specialize in helping clients protect their assets and reduce income taxes through strategic innovation. Whatever financial stage you’re at in life, we’ll meet you there and provide financial solutions that will enhance your economic situation.
  9. Compilations and Reviews
    Yes we do this too!!! Banks, investors and the IRS want to see financial statements prepared in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principals. We can assist with the preparation financial statements if required.
Our Skills: Far Reaching and Vast Knowledge
C. Dean Homayouni, Esq., CPA has 35 years of experience as a Certified Public Accountant. He began his career as a Manufacturing auditor at Arthur Andersen & Co. He subsequently held high level accounting positions at public and private companies, including the International House of Pancakes, Computer People Inc., served as Vice President of Finance for a company that owned the El Rancho Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas and as the Director of Finance at Bowne Business Solutions. He graduated Number 9 in his law class from Loyola Law School and has participated in over $100,000,000 in public offerings as both a CPA and Attorney. The firm's wide breath of knowledge and skills results in a reduction of outside consultants and fees. You do not have to explain or relay the same data to multiple persons and then try and get them to coordinate their efforts. From MJ site selection, to tag and trace compliance to acquiring a location we have the diverse skills required to get your company licensed and in compliance with local and the State of California Regulations.

The Firm's hands on public and private experience, combined with Mr. Homayouni's 15 years experience as a gaming, liquor licensing and Tax Attorney in Nevada and California, brings together a unique set of skills made for the emerging licensed and California legal cannabis industry. Mr. Homayouni is a licensed CPA in California and Nevada and stays current with continuous certifications and seminars to ensure the advice provided is up-to-date on all of the newest laws, regulations, and techniques in our field.

The Firm takes a proactive response to issues faced by the cannabis industry as multiple tug of wars happen at the same time. Cannabis id legal in California yet the majority of counties and local jurisdictions have hampered and restricted commercial cannabis activities. The Federal Government is aggressively using the IRS to overtax and over regulate cannabis businesses. The fight is far from over. Keeping an over zealous IRS is at the heart and center of our advice and planning. The Firm has over 15 years experience serving a wide range of clients from normal transactional work to litigation. The Firm has you and your business goals and objectives in mind. You and all your tax planning needs are in expert hands. Leave it to us.

We help with entity selection and will explain the advantages of being structured as a C Corporation for greater deductibility of expenses and liability protection from IRS penalties, interest and levies. We can and provide advice for the setup of your chart of accounts to ensure you are able to deduct the greatest amount of expenses allowed under IRC 280E and Treasury Regulation 1.471.  Our firm is more than talkers. Mr. Homayouni has been involved with the funding of cultivation operations and how to become compliant with the ever evolving California cannabis regulations.  


Mr. Homayouni is an avid scuba diver and underwater videographer. He has dived the most renowned locations in the world and his film, 3D Coral Reef Aquarium was a finalist at the prestigious Blue Ocean Film Festival. He is the founder and principal of 3D Action Video Inc. and is the author of a 10,000 page series of Flipbooks that explore the underwater world, the best places to scuba dive the wonders of nature. Check it out by clicking here
Mr. Homayouni is available seven days week, 24 x 7. The hardest step is to make the initial appointment. Pick up the phone and let's get started. 
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